DMXPEN REC06R records 10 DMX512 or ArtNet universes from any source and store it on an on board removable microSd card. Recorded shows can be selected via OSC, MIDI, RS232 or Ethernet UDP signals. RSC06R allows for merger function between DMX512 port or ArtNet signal. The merged signals will be sended to the DMX512 output port.
10 DMX512 universe recording
10 DMX512 universe playback
10 ArtNet universe recording
10 ArtNet universe playback
ArtNet to DMX512 conversion
DMX512 to ArtNet conversion
Merger function between DMX512 port and/or ArtNet
BackUp function with MIDI TimeCode sync
Internal calendar for playback scheduling function in stand alone mode
Integrated Ethernet Switch
Remote control via OSC
Remote control via RS232 Interface
Remote control via MIDI Interface
Remote control via Ethernet Interface