DMXPEN REC01 232 records a DMX512 or ArtNet signal from any source and store it on an on board removable microSd card. Recorded shows can be selected via MIDI, RS232 or Ethernet UDP signals. REC01 is provided by a DIN rail mount accessory and removable connectors for screwdriver wiring.
One complete DMX512 universe recording
One complete DMX512 universe playback
One complete ArtNet universe recording
One complete ArtNet universe playback
ArtNet to DMX512 conversion
DMX512 to ArtNet conversion
Easy show file access by removable microSD Card
Self-loop function
2 GB micoSd card
Remote control via MIDI Interface
Remote control via Ethernet Interface
Remote control via RS232 Interface
DIN rail mount accessory
Removable connectors for screwdriver wiring
DMXPen REC01 232 User Manual [PDF Adobe Acrobat - 754.00 KB]
PenSuite V1.12 - Windows Version [Zip Archive - 837.00 KB]
PenSuite V1.12 - Mac Version [Zip Archive - 1.4 MB]
PenSuite User Manual V1.03 [PDF Adobe Acrobat - 1.56 MB]